You see your children make leaps and bounds during their time in a Montessori preschool in Anaheim, but there are still many things you can do at home to encourage development. Here are 5 activities to consider working into your preschooler’s routine.

Food Preparation

For a fun activity that will help your child gain skills to use throughout life, have your child help with food preparation. This is a great opportunity to let your child make decisions about meals and teach about food safety and healthy eating. Your child can also help you set the table, serve guests, and clean up at the end of a meal.


Your child can also take an active role in choosing the clothes to wear each day. This can be a fun part of your child’s day and will encourage independence. If you don’t approve of your child’s fashion statements some mornings, you will be able to have a conversation with your child to explain why a nicer, warmer, or other choice of outfit would be the more appropriate decision.

Art Projects

In addition to learning the alphabet and other basic facts in preschool, your child should be encouraged to explore his own creativity. Your child is never too young for art projects, even if this is as simple as scribbling on a coloring page. If possible, provide your child with various mediums, textures, and colors to work with.


Your child will need to know how to help out and clean up at her Montessori preschool and at home. One of the best ways to instill this work ethic is to give your child chores. You may want to begin by having your child care for his own room by cleaning it regularly. For bigger chores, have your child work with you so that she can learn by example while you enjoy each other’s company.


Vacations are always welcome, but you don’t need to leave your state or even your town to introduce your preschooler to new places. You can make every errand a learning experience. Talk to your child about the buildings, vehicles, and professionals you see and visit.